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Would you like to change your life…?

  • Let go of negative thoughts and unwanted behaviours
  • Learn how to forgive people in your past, so you are able to summon all of your life force into the present, thereby enabling you to have full access to thewhole of you
  • Connect with your higher wisdom, so it can guide you to the life you are meant to live
  • Let love be your guide instead of fear.
…Transformational Coaching can achieve all of these. Might this be something for you?

What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is a coaching method developed by Cissi Williams, which uses, amongst other things, Higher-Self Healing and Transformational NLP.

The highest intention of Transformational Coaching is to help you connect more fully with your own higher wisdom, so this wisdom can give you the insights, messages and learnings you need to heal your self, your relationships and your life.


The coaching sessions can last from just a few hours to longer, more intense sessions. The sessions can be via telephone, Skype or in person. For ’easier’ problems a 2-hour coaching session is recommended. If you have had a particular problem for a longer period of time, and have had difficulty in shifting it, then it is recommended that you book two or three 2-hour sessions. For deeper issues, where you feel you really need a thorough inner spring-clean, then a Breakthrough Coaching Session is recommended. This normally takes around 7-9 hours, divided into 2-4 sessions.

Online Course Living Your Soul Purpose
“Cissi Williams is blessed with a rare and fantastic gift for guiding people through demanding inner work, and releasing them into experiences of freedom, joy, and lots of light. It is fascinating to witness and almost overwhelming to experience yourself. So thank you Cissi for being such a strong channel for love and light into this troubled world!”
Hjalmar Croneborg
“What are you looking for? I definitely had no idea, but knew there must be something that would help me when I was feeling lost on the inside although looking and being fairly successful on the outside.

It may have been just luck that I came across Cissi Williams’ courses and training. To be honest, at the time I wasn’t even sure exactly what she did but I felt drawn to her, and she turned out to be an amazing person, truly gifted and passionate about her work. In short, with the encouragement and guidance from Cissi I have found my own path to a more enlightened life.”
Joe Marr

“I first met Cissi just over ten years ago in my early twenties. She was the first person who told me that you could have guides in human form as well as in Spirit. Going through a change in career I enrolled in her Higher Self Healing, Well-Being Coaching and Master NLP course. Cissi was not only an inspirational person who affected me greatly though her teaching, her own soul was in part here to help me on what would be the beginning of a personal development path. I’ve learnt much since then, and Cissi and her course was a benchmark for me. Her heart, her passion, her intention, her commitment to truth and her support will be forever remembered as affecting me greatly. I will never forget meditating in class with her before we started our course and us all wanting to meditate for longer, despite some of us never having done it before. Her ability to remind us of essential truths in a way that is easy to understand, to remember and to be able to implement has been greatly appreciated.”
Serena Phoenix
”I met Cissi at a time in my life when I was so depressed that I was barely functioning. I had been off sick from work for 7 months and indeed was planning my suicide, gathering together medication in order to end it all. I had tried many things; medication, different types of counselling, nothing worked and I was spiralling downwards.

A friend told me about Cissi and while she was telling me I was thinking to myself what a lot of rot, and how I could not afford to pay for my mortgage let alone treatment. Next day I found on my doormat a cheque for £3,000 from an investment I did not know I had!

I booked to see Cissi, filling in a questionnaire to help her and myself look at my problems. I went of to meet her and immediately felt very comfortable and safe with her. About 5 hours later I went home, already a noticeably different person. There was an activity on in the village hall, which before this I would have given a miss, but off I went and I had a great time, with everyone noticing how different I looked. I went back to Cissi the next day for another marathon. Well all I can say is that I was back at work 3 weeks later. Quite simply I owe Cissi my life. I have seen her many times since and she always helps me to see my life in a positive light. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help, whatever form that it takes. Quite simply I love her and I so respect her knowledge and wisdom.”
Penny Kane

“I have been seeing Cissi on and off over a number of years. I have had coaching, breakthroughs and soul retrieval sessions. Each interaction has been carried out by Cissi in an environment of complete love, care and trust. Rather than do anything ‘to’ you, Cissi works ‘with’ you – a big distinction that means she allows your inner wisdom to give you the answers… she just facilitates the process. A natural and holistic way to stay emotionally and mentally well, I use her services as my preferred route to inner wellbeing. I would highly recommend Cissi’s services and regularly do!”
Karrin Simpson
“My experience of this spiritual coaching is that it’s incredibly beautiful and deep. Cissi’s transformational soul coaching, with holistic applications of NLP, intuition and presence, goes deeper than anything else I’ve tried – I’ve been working with this type of spiritual coaching for seven years now and I love the combination of heart and mind. Suits me perfectly! I can warmly recommend Cissi and her spiritual coaching. Thank you!”
Jeanette Carleson
“Cissi is an exceptionally rare soul coach. Prepare for deep and lasting shifts!”
Monika Nybom
“Working with Cissi changed by life – for the better. I still refer to her book 11 years after first meeting her as she is one of the most transformational teachers I’ve ever met!”
Lindsay de Swart
”Cissi has helped me realise that I have a choice in how I want to experience my life, and a responsibility to create that for myself and my family. I know that when I struggle, I can count on her to help me (in a firm but fun way) to move through my struggles. That is one of the things that I appreciate most about her coaching – she never lets me off the hook, but somehow I am always (in the end) able to have a laugh about it all.  I have benefited so much from Cissi’s coaching that I would (and have) recommended her to my friends too”
Debbie Price
“Meeting Cissi marked a complete turn-around in my life. When I met her I was struggling to cope with a baby and a toddler who had just been diagnosed as deaf. I had un-diagnosed depression and each day felt like I was suffocating.

Cissi has a light, warm energy and I just felt incredibly safe with her as soon as I met her. She took me on a self-development journey that helped me feel strong enough inside to get through each day. Working with her gave me the strength to do everything that I needed to do for my family – and there is always extra when you have a child with special needs. Cissi gave me a new lease of life for which I will always be grateful.”
Naomi Martell-Bundock