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Soul Star

Part 3 (year two)

Deepen your skills and become a

Certified Master Trainer in Energy Medicine, Mysticism & Shamanic Healing

Part 3 Master Trainer in Energy Medicine, Mysticism & Shamanic Healing

Would you like to run your own courses and certify other Soul Coaches
and Energy Medicine Practitioners?

This training consists of:

  • Deep soul work to deepen your awareness of Spirit, consciousness, energy and your connection with Source.
  • Bi-monthly group call sessions with Cissi by phone or Skype to help increase your understanding of the techniques (Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval, Higher Self Healing, Mythic Mapping, Healing Linguistics and how to ‘chase the energy of a problem’ so you can diagnose the underlying illusion).
  • Bi-monthly group call sessions with Cissi by phone where you can bring to the group anything you are working on at a soul level.
  • Individualised homework, clinical training and case studies to deepen your spiritual path and learn, through experience, how to make this journey of healing and connect more fully with Spirit.

Master Trainer’s Training module where you learn about presentation skills, how to hold the energy in the room, how to hold sacred space and how to let your soul – and not your ego – flow through you when teaching. Also, how to keep state (and break a negative state – useful when a student is going into a traumatic energy), how to surrender the session to Spirit, how to lead meditations and how to safely guide others in a group setting.

Parts of this module will take place in magical Glastonbury enabling you to get to know your own mystical connection with Spirit and with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You will here meet the Black Madonna, do your own spiritual quest up the Tor, and allow Spirit to initiate you into your soul’s ancient wisdom and light that you are meant to share with others.

Assisting Cissi during the Medicine Wheel (all four directions*) so you can deepen your understanding of the trainer skills (and course material), and learn how to give the Munay-Ki rites to others. You will at times be required to take over the class (you will know well in advance so you can prepare your session plan). This is an intense training for those of you who wish to teach this material, and run your own courses, being endorsed by Cissi. The main ingredient is that you are authentic in your own journey, and bring that authenticity into your teaching.

In order to become Certified as a Master Trainer you will undergo in total 500 hours of training (a mixture of residential training, clinical training, ’live’ online modules and a home study programme). This is the total length of study required for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Around half of these study hours can be done from home.

*For Part 2 you assist on 2 modules, and for Part 3 you assist on the other two modules, plus attend a Master Trainer’s Training module in Glastonbury. This means you can do Part 2 and Part 3 at the same time in year 2.

Extra bonus:

Upon graduation all Certified Energy Medicine Practitioners, Soul Coaches and Master Trainers will be featured on our website.
Possibility also exist to gain access to all course material, lecture structure, meditations, and promotion through our email newsletters, FB page, and magazine (please ask Cissi for more details).

Your trainer

Your trainer Cissi Williams

Cissi Williams has been on a healing journey since 1992 when she had her own spiritual awakening and mystical experience, which allowed her to heal a deep depression in just six weeks.

This experience led her to study many healing modalities and sources of esoteric wisdom, and today she works as a cranial osteopath, naturopath, shamanic energy medicine practitioner, NLP trainer and soul coach. She has been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1992.

Cissi knows from first-hand experience that it is indeed possible to heal deep inner pain using spiritual principles, and her passion is to share with others how they can do that too. She is the editor and co-founder of two spiritual health magazines, Inspired Wellbeing in the UK, and Inspire in Scandinavia, and the author of several books on health and healing (Transformational NLP, Spiritual Medicine, The Wellbeing Handbook and Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being).

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