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Soul Star

Part 2 (year two)

Step into the practice and become a

Certified Energy-Medicine Practitioner & Soul Coach

Part 2: Certified Soul Coach & Practitioner in Energy Medicine

Deepen your healing tools by learning:

  • Advanced soul retrieval & destiny retrieval, deepening skills in transformational coaching and shamanic healing, transformational questions to help someone heal deeply, compassionate client skills, and techniques for navigating the invisible world of Spirit – both for yourself and others.
  • How to track an energy into the past and future, as well as scanning for imbalances within someone’s body (heart, nervous system, kidneys, lungs, womb), chakras and energy-field.
  • You will also receive the 8th and 9th Munay-Ki Rites (the Starkeeper’s Rite which helps your physical body evolve into more light, and the Creator Rite which enables you to discover how Spirit works through you, helping you to become a conscious co-creator with the Divine).

This training consists of spiritual mentoring and clinical training (by assisting on two modules) with Cissi, and a HOME STUDY PROGRAMME containing:

  • Mystical Meditation
  • Esoteric Wisdom
  • Healing Linguistics
  • Higher Self & Soul Healing
  • Transformational NLP
  • Energy Medicine
  • Shamanic Healing

Some of these training days are held at the course venue, whilst some take place via Skype/phone, enabling you to combine your studies with your family and work life. This training is for those of you who want to work with assisting others in their healing, but can also be undertaken to deepen your own healing skills, spiritual awareness, compassion and connection with your soul. You will receive a private 2-hour healing session with Cissi, as well as group mentoring with her.

* If you have already done a training around the Medicine Wheel you may be able to join Part 2 directly. Please ask Cissi for more details.

Extra bonus:

Once you have become a qualified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Soul Coach you will be able to place two 1⁄4 page adverts in either Inspired Wellbeing magazine, or the Scandinavian magazine Inspire for FREE (value of £900). The magazines have a combined readership of 120,000.

Click here to download PDF about the training