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Soul Star

Part 1 (year one)

Become your own Mystic, Healer and Shaman

Begin your journey around the Medicine Wheel

Part 1 Become your own Mystic, Healer and Shaman


Connect more fully with your inner light by finding out how to:

  • Balance, heal and cleanse your chakras and energy field
  • Connect with your soul through mystical meditation and prayer
  • Trust your Inner Teacher to help transform your inner pain into wisdom
  • Let love be your guide instead of fear
  • Release old wounds with Past-life Healing
  • Discover your soul’s gifts and power animal with Soul Retrieval
  • Work with shamanic healing
  • Get to know the first shamanic archetype, the Serpent, so it can show you how to shed your old stories and limiting thought patterns. This is the first direction of the Medicine Wheel (South).
  • Heal deeply by receiving the first 4 Munay-Ki Rites (the Healers Rite connecting you with healers of the past; the Bands of Power that are woven into your energy field for protection; the Harmony Rite, where you receive the 7 archetypes into your chakras, and the Seer’s Rite, where pathways of light connect your visual cortex with your third eye and heart chakra).
  • Start building your own Mesa (medicine bag).


Tap into your powerful inner healer by learning how to:

  • Identify imprints and negative energy held in the energy-field
  • Understand how depression, anxiety and psychic pain can be spiritual tools for awakening
  • Heal karma and ancestral patterns
  • Gain insights and divine wisdom with Soul Healing
  • Deepen your connection with Spirit through mystical meditation and prayer
  • Experience the power of atonement
  • Learn how forgiveness frees you from the past
  • Meet and receive guidance from your Spiritual Council
  • Track a negative energy to find its source
  • Remove intrusive negative energies
  • Refine your shamanic healing skills (working with the energy-field, chakras and crystalized energies)
  • Learn how to balance the nervous system so you switch off the flight- and-fight response
  • Get to know the shamanic archetype of deep emotional and mental healing, the Jaguar, so you can have the courage and power you need to live your truth. This is the second direction around the Medicine Wheel (West), and you will here continue to build your own Mesa.
  • Connect even more deeply with the healing energy by receiving the 5th Munay-Ki Rite (the Daykeeper Rite, which connects you to the lineage of master healers from ancient times, and helps you heal your inner feminine, bringing you into harmony with Mother Earth).


Let your soul guide you to your highest destiny by discovering how to:

  • Let your soul be your guide, instead of the ego
  • Heal your shadow, inner conflicts and energetic imbalances
  • Free yourself from what you think you should have, do and be, and instead accept what is
  • Tune into your soul’s wisdom with mystical meditation
  • Surrender your need to be in control so you instead can be guided by the Divine
  • Visit the Upper World, the Akashic Records, your Spiritual Council and Guardian Angels
  • Heal deeply with Soul Retrieval, as well as learning how to do a Soul Retrieval on someone else
  • Co-create a new inspired future by using Destiny Retrieval, an ancient shamanic technique
  • Use the shamanic archetype of the Hummingbird, where you learn how to embark on your soul’s journey, whilst being able to focus on the blessings of life. This is the third direction around the Medicine Wheel (North), and you will here continue to build your Mesa.
  • Receive the 6th Munay-Ki Rite (the Wisdomkeepers Rite, which helps you heal your inner masculine, step outside of time and space and connect with eternity).
Testimonials Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit


Take your place in the Divine Plan and co-create with Spirit by experiencing how to:

  • Know the difference between following the wishes of the ego and the longings from your Soul, so you can be sure to take action that is in alignment with the Divine Plan. This allows your soul to be the guiding light you follow – your Soul Star!
  • Open your heart and invite the sacred to step in, filling your heart with peace and compassion
  • Have the courage to let go of the life you have outgrown, and develop the strength you need to be able to stay in the ‘void’ for as long as it takes for something new to be born
  • Trust the Divine Plan and follow the guidance you receive from Spirit, 
so you can create a life that is in alignment with your Soul
  • Deepen your understanding of Soul Retrieval
  • Learn how to track someone else’s highest destiny, so you can help them move towards their highest potential.
  • Use the shamanic archetype of the Eagle and Condor, showing you how to fly wing-to-wing with Spirit, with an open heart, weaving a new life into being. This is the fourth direction around the Medicine Wheel (East).
  • You will receive your final stone for your mesa, linking you to the lineage of healers that have gone before you. Your mesa is now complete and filled with healing power and wisdom.
  • Receive the 7th Munay-Ki Rite (the Earthkeeper’s Rite connecting you to the archangels and lifting you from your earth-bound existence enabling your spirit to soar free.

Course Dates:

Module 1 (South): 26-28th November 2017
Module 2 (West): 1-4th March 2018
Module 3 (North): 10-13th June 2018
Module 4 (East): 16-19th September 2018

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“The course offers a unique opportunity to deepen our personal inner connection with the Divine in all its multitude of guises whilst working safely under the expert tuition and sparkling leadership of Cissi Williams, an extraordinary Energy Medicine Practitioner. Within each module beautiful experiences occur with like-minded people as we learn to clear our karmic residue, expand our Divine connections and connect more fully with our souls (or the Divine within).

Each Module is undertaken in beautiful and peaceful natural surroundings and we all learn together at our individual pace. Yet there is sufficient time to practice the techniques, ask questions, learn from each other and Cissi, deepen our awareness through meditation and feel thoroughly supported, as individual and subtle transformations occur both within and in front of us. I am so glad that I decided to take this training!”
Cerys Williams, Clinical Reflexologist and Animal Bodyworker.

“The journey within, expertly guided by the insightful Cissi Williams. This course is the exploration of dark and light using different healing techniques to help connect to your soul, be guided by your own spiritual intelligence and by higher divine guidance in whatever way that means for you. It is an opportunity to nurture yourself, to heal emotionally, energetically and spiritually. It also allows you to tap into that ‘something else’ you might feel is there but have not yet fully embraced. It is the opportunity to be in a like-minded, supportive group where it is safe to go to your most vulnerable places, but also to discuss a spiritual view on our modern world and how we can all contribute to bringing love and light into our lives. It is the opportunity to learn how ancient wisdom is still so relevant and how time together in meditation and ceremony is wonderfully powerful. Whether you are looking to heal yourself or others, this course is a profound experience to reveal and heal.
Wishing you light on your journey, Emma x”
Emma Colwill, Cheltenham

Testimonials Soul Star Cissi Williams

“Currently working through part 1 of the Shamanic training, and I am in a whirl wind of change. The training has brought about a beautiful transcendence of myself and has been an amazing journey. I have learnt so much about being connected with spirit, the healing work we need to do within, finding our soul path and how to follow this calling. I have met some lovely people through doing this course, being part of a small community during my spiritual journey has been so important to me. The support and guidance given throughout has been exceptional, Cissi is such a pleasure to be around. I will be doing parts 2 and 3 of the training over the next 18mths, this I am really excited about. I now have the confidence to embrace the changes to come, finding my voice to speak the truth of who I really am and I am no longer afraid to be it. I am so blessed to have gone forwards with this opportunity and heal with the ancient teachings that are available to help so many people now.”
Diane Maccabe, Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive Mentor

“A fantastic training where I have been able to meet myself at a deeper level, and been
given the opportunity to let go of old negative patterns so I can blossom into the soul and person that I am. Cissi has a remarkable ability to discover the true causes behind a problem so that we can experience that, and once we have found the true reason she guides all the students through powerful and transformative healing processes.
If you want to live in alignment with who you truly are, let go of what is holding you back, and experience life as who you truly are – then I can warmly recommend you embark on this lovely training.”
Lina Lanestrand, Social Scientist, Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner and Transformational Break-Through Coach

“This journey has challenged and amazed me with regard to our innate human potential. Cissi guides us with an abundance of wisdom, strength, love and light back to ourselves.
An incredible trip well worth taking.”
Dr Rosa Chillari
Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Testimonials Energy Medicine & Healing with the Spirit Course

“A safe and grounding way to let go of all that old stuff and to start to, creatively, accept responsibility for creating my own future and to learn beautifully simple but challenging techniques to tap into the full potential that expanding awareness brings to all real experiences. The thing that stands out for me as a treasured memory was and still is the relief and freeing I felt with all of my fellow students fi nding there are so many others in the world who feel drawn to Shamanistic healing and the deep connection and hope that it brings. There are infinite skills and resources available to all of us and as gifted children we all need guidance to use them wisely.

Rather than trying to explain what is effectively beyond words using language, and making myself sound a little crazy, (no harm in that) doesn’t it make sense to follow your instinct to make time to take a few days to be with yourself and other square pegs in a beautiful and safe learning environment with a renowned master trainer to teach and guide you?”
Adrian, 60 years

“I haven’t got enough positive words to describe Cissi and how she has taken all of us – and held the groups energy – through the different modules on this training. I am incredibly grateful to be part of this journey. What amazes me the most is that you can never predict what will happen. Cissi’s experience, sensitivity and psychic ’antenna’ is able to feel the energy of the group and take us through amazing inner and outer journeys. I can warmly recommend everyone who is curious about developing further to embark on this journey with Cissi.
Susanne A., Primary School Teacher