Letting the Divine take the lead

“How long will God be away on holiday
mummy?’ asked my youngest. ‘He doesn’t
seem to hear my prayers, so I think he
is either on sick-leave or away on
a long vacation somewhere.”

I smiled and thought to myself that yes, I too have wondered that many times, when it has felt as if everything I tried just did not work out. And the more I tried, the more effort I put in, the worse it seemed to get. In the end I had to just surrender by giving up. And then, miraculously, a new door opened, as if the Divine was telling me to ‘come this way’.

The first time I totally surrendered to God I was living in London as a student. I remember how I felt as if my life just was not working out the way I wanted it to, so I fell down on my knees and prayed out loud: ‘I surrender it all to you – my life, my relationships, my studies, everything. Take it. I don’t know how to fix this mess, but I trust that you do.’ Was my prayer answered? You bet. Within a week I had lost my boyfriend, as well as the flat I was living in. So now I was single and homeless – the only thing I had left was my studies. ‘Okay, I get it,’ I mumbled to the Universe, ‘none of that was in alignment with my highest good.’ Although I felt as if a bulldozer had totally crumbled the very foundation of my life, I trusted that the Divine knew what it was doing.

Some years later I studied NLP; I learnt about the power of the mind and how to change my thought patterns so they were more positive, resourceful and empowering. All of this definitely helped me become happier and more focused on what I wanted to manifest in my life. And it was such a wonderful feeling. Ideas flowed in and it felt as if I was able to fly all the way to the stars. During this time I moved to Sweden with my husband and our two daughters, and I was so happy. We got a beautiful house and we lived in an absolutely stunning place. I thought I had cracked the ‘how to create an amazing life’ code.

“But then a slight breeze blew in, as if my
soul was whispering to me, ‘It is time
to leave now.’ And whenever I met a
psychic they told me the same thing.”

When it is time to change
And for the first few years in Sweden life was great. But then a slight breeze blew in, as if my soul was whispering to me, ‘It is time to leave now.’ And whenever I met a psychic they told me the same thing, ‘You are meant to move back to England.’ But I chose not to listen. I so loved being back home that I just did not want to hear the intuitive guidance that was coming my way. So my soul decided that as a gentle breeze obviously did not get my attention, she would send a storm. Suddenly all opportunities seemed to dry up, and the more I tried to make it work, the worse it got. So I tried harder. I made more plans. More goal-setting. I put in more effort. In the end I was totally exhausted and despair set in. ‘Why is this happening?’

The only things that still were doing well during this time were my marriage, the bond I had with my daughters, and our spiritual health magazine Inspire (the Scandinavian version of Inspired Wellbeing). Everything else started to crumble. In my morning meditations I used to pray to the Divine, asking for guidance. But nothing seemed to happen. It was as if the connection to the Divine Internet was down and no inspiration would flow into my consciousness. I could not figure out why, as before my connection had been totally open, with so many insights flowing in, guiding me to which action to take. And now there was just this silence. Very frustrating!

Letting the Divine Take the Lead

“Once I surrendered, my ability to
connect with the Divine opened up again,
and I was given the roadmap to follow,
because now I was finally following
my soul’s GPS.”

The Universe is always sending signs
What I didn’t realise was that the Universe was sending me signs through other people, and through events that were happening in my life, but I just chose to ignore them – the psychics, the struggles, the doors closing – they were all signs. But I wanted to stay in Sweden, so I found lots of ‘reasons’ to why that was the right decision. In the end my soul sent in a massive hurricane that catapulted me into a darkness that was overwhelming. I remember how I just looked at my husband and said, ‘I have no idea what is going on. I can just feel myself sliding into this dark place.’

How giving up lets the light in
What always helps me when I am in that darkness is exercise, so I dragged myself to the gym, and as I was working out I relaxed my resistance enough for my soul finally to get through to me. ‘You’ve got to move back to England.’ The insight was so clear, like a flash. I just knew in that moment. So I prayed, there and then on the exercise mat, ‘Dear God, show me what it is you want me to do here. I have given up trying to make it work out according to what I want, so let’s try it your way instead.’

And boy did the guidance come through! Once I surrendered, my ability to connect with the Divine opened up again, and I was given the roadmap to follow, because now I was finally following my soul’s GPS.

Divine will or my will?
I got so confused trying to figure out when I was meant to follow what I wanted and stick to my plans, and when I was meant to surrender and let the Divine take the lead. I only found clarity in this was when I realised that my soul only wants what is best for me, whilst my ego-mind can have an agenda of its own. And it was my mind that refused to listen to the whispers from my soul. But my soul knew what my highest intention was, and she knew it was time to move, in order for that highest intention to be realised, but because my ego-mind did not want to listen it eventually had to crumble from pure exhaustion. Once it gave up, my soul’s light could come through again and as I started to follow her guidance she led me into a new life with new opportunities – where my highest intention could better be manifested. But I had to let go of the attachment to the form (i.e. Sweden) and instead trust that the Universe knew what it was doing.

I wish I could say that my ego stopped resisting completely, but it didn’t. As we moved back I had to mourn the loss of the life I thought I would have, but eventually the grieving had run its course and I was left with a new sense of spaciousness inside of me. And a much better understanding of how I can work in harmony with the Divine, instead of going against it. This is what I have found.

Letting the Divine Take the Lead

“Your soul’s GPS is always programmed
to steer you in the direction that helps
you become all that you are
meant to be.”

If it is not for your highest good, be happy that it won’t happen!
I have come to realise that no matter how positive you are, if something is not for your highest good, it just isn’t going to happen. The more you push, strive and take action to make this happen the worse you will feel. But the moment you instead tune into your soul’s guidance and follow its lead, you become a conduit for all of your soul’s amazing insights to flow through you. And as you take action on this inspiration you will be guided in the right direction so you can express your highest divine potential. Just like a sunflower seed has the highest potential embedded within it to become a beautiful sunflower, you too have embedded within you the highest potential to become the most amazing divine expression of all that you are meant to be. Your ego has no clue how to guide you to this manifestation, but your soul does. All your ego wants is for you to amass as much power, wealth and respect as possible, as it thinks that only then will you be happy. Your soul on the other hand, knows that you already are happiness itself, because you are an eternal divine being, filled with the most incredible light, a being of such deep love that you literally have the power embedded within you to create new life. You, as this divine being, are immensely powerful, a master creator, and when you create from this divine soul-place within you, not even the stars are the limit to what you can give birth to.

Manifesting from the ego, and manifesting from the soul
You can absolutely manifest from your ego, but it will be filled with striving, tension, anxiety and a sense of never being good enough just as you are.

You know you are following your ego’s lead when you are focused on what you can get, rather than what you can give, when you are focusing on what is missing in your life, rather than on all the abundance you already have. Your soul knows you have everything you will ever need within you – as you are one with the whole Universe – and all you have to do is to trust that it is there, and that if it is meant for you then it will flow into your experience. Your ego on the other hand thinks that you are always lacking, and therefore you must get whatever you are lacking from an outside source. But everything you seek exists within you – and it can only come into your experience as you relax enough to allow the inspiration to flow into your consciousness, revealing the steps you need to take in order for you to move in the direction of that which is for your highest good. Your soul’s GPS is always programmed to steer you in the direction that helps you become all that you are meant to be.

Letting the Divine Take the Lead

“The ego tries to use the law of attraction
for its own gain, seeing the Universe as
its own personal vending machine.”

Is it enough just to focus on the positive? 
Of course it is easier to be relaxed when we are being positive, and the more relaxed we are, the more we open the door to our connection with the Divine. But when what we want is coming from the ego, the ego tries to use the law of attraction for its own gain, seeing the Universe as its own personal vending machine, where it can put an order in and then focus on being ‘positive’ for long enough so that whatever it wants can flow into its experience. And yes, that works for a while, but the problem with this is that any wishes from the ego will come from a place of fear, a place of lack, and this fear and lack will block our connection with the Divine. So it is not enough just to focus on being positive, we also have to take the time to really feel what it is our soul wants for us, and we feel that by following what lights us up and by staying awake to the signs the Universe is sending to us.

Why surrendering works
When you truly surrender your dreams, wishes and longings to the Universe, you let go of trying to control the outcome, which then allows you to relax so that your ego no longer can control your dream. You let go of the attachment to the form, and instead you trust that something so much better will come your way. And miraculously, the moment you do that, the Divine steps in and works its magic, and amazing opportunities and synchronicities start to flow into your experience – moving you towards your highest good. The Divine will guide you in that direction by sending you signs, ideas and inspiration, and your job is to stay awake. Pay attention. And follow the signs. If you resist here, then your soul will heat up the pressure slightly, making your journey a bit more uncomfortable, until you are ready to listen to the guidance you are given.

Surrender is not when you surrender a goal or a dream, in order for you to engage the Divine’s amazing creating ability, just so you can get what you want. A friend told me she had surrendered her dream relationship to God, but then when she met a man she really liked, she thought God had made a mistake because this man did not have all the specific characteristics she had prayed for (she wanted him to earn a particular salary, be a certain height, drive a specific car, etc.). That is not surrender. Instead this is the ego still trying to use the Universe as its own personal genie.

Surrender is when you fully trust that the Divine knows how to guide you to your highest good, including the right relationship for you, because the Divine, like your soul, knows you. It knows you, so surrender and ask to be guided. Then if something shows up, and you are still not sure, just ask to be given a sign. It is absolutely okay to say to the Universe: ‘You know what, I am a bit thick here. Please show me a sign in such a way that I get an undeniable experience of what is the right path for me. Turn up the volume on my guidance so I can hear, see, feel it and just know what your message is.’

Once when I did this, I was actually driving my car, on my way to a clinic I was working in. I was not sure if this clinic was the right fit for me, but it was in an area we wanted to live in. As I was driving to the clinic, I prayed and asked the Divine: ‘Please show me what is the highest good for all of us here. Let me know if this is the right path for me, and for my family.’ Then that day, I had the most awful experience with the practice manager at the clinic, something that has never happened to me before, and on my way home the motorway was closed, making my journey more than four hours longer than normal. And for the last hour of the drive back home, one of the wheels in my car started screeching really loudly. As I finally parked my car outside my house I said to God: ‘Okay I get it. I am not meant to be in this clinic.’ I then went inside the house to let my husband know that there was something wrong with my car. We took it out for a drive – and not a sound. It ran beautifully. Since I had finally understood the message from the Universe, even my car was silent.

The next day I handed in my notice, and about a month later a new opportunity came into my life, an opportunity to go in as partner in a beautiful clinic in the Cotswolds. It was a miracle, which I believe could only happen when I finally let go of what I thought I wanted, and instead let the Divine guide me to my highest good.

This is because the moment you surrender, you allow your highest good to flow into your life – so all that is not in alignment with your highest good will start to fall away. If you are meant to change direction, your soul will make it very clear to you that the time is now here for you to make some changes. If you choose not to listen, it will turn up the volume – and instead of sending you tiny whispers, expect a hurricane.

Letting the Divine Take the Lead

“All you have to do is to be willing to let
go of your ego’s plans for your life, and
instead let the Divine take the lead. And
trust that what the Divine has planned
for you is so much better than your
ego could ever comprehend.”

Fulfilling your highest divine potential
Your highest divine potential is not set in stone – you influence it with the wisdom you harness during all your life experiences – but it will be something that you are meant to share with others. It is like your soul’s purpose, and your soul’s purpose is not just about you – it is about how you can best contribute to the whole, by expressing your inner light in your own unique way. And you do this by choosing to follow your soul’s guidance. How? By tuning into love. Your soul is love, so whenever you choose love, you are expressing your soul’s energy, allowing it to flow through you, as you. Whenever you choose fear, you are choosing to follow the ego’s lead, and you are then letting your ego’s energy flow through you. And you can feel it when that happens. When you are following your ego’s lead you’ll feel tense, but when you follow your soul’s lead you’ll feel uplifted and happy.

The more you choose love, the more you allow yourself to trust that the Divine is on your side, the more uplifted you feel. This raises your vibration, enabling you to connect even more strongly with the Divine. And through this connection, more wonderful insights, ideas and inspiration can flow into your consciousness, guiding you into an even better and more expanded version of you.

All you have to do is to be willing to let go of your ego’s plans for your life, and instead let the Divine take the lead. And trust that what the Divine has planned for you is so much better than your ego could ever comprehend. As you choose to listen to your soul’s guidance, it will steer you towards a life filled with miracles, joy and happiness, and finally you will feel as if God actually is listening to your prayers, because you are willing to hear the answers.

Cissi Williams is a Soul Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Cranial Osteopath, NLP Trainer and editor of Inspired Wellbeing Magazine (UK) and Inspire tidningen (Sweden).

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