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Introductory Course Step Into the Light

Become your own mystic, healer and shaman

Do you want to connect more fully with your soul’s light and inner wisdom?
Then STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT might be for you.

During this course you will connect more fully with your inner light by finding out how to:

  • Balance, heal and cleanse your chakras and energy field
  • Connect with your soul through mystical meditation and prayer
  • Trust your Inner Teacher to help transform your inner pain into wisdom
  • Let love be your guide instead of fear
  • Heal your shadows by bringing them into your conscious awareness
  • Release old wounds with Past-life Healing
  • Discover your soul’s gifts and power animal with Soul Retrieval
  • Work with shamanic healing
  • Get to know the first shamanic archetype, the Serpent, so it can show you how to shed your old stories and limiting thought patterns. This is the first direction of the Medicine Wheel (South).
  • Heal deeply by receiving the first 4 Munay-Ki Rites (the Healers Rite connecting you with healers of the past; the Bands of Power that are woven into your energy field for protection; the Harmony Rite, where you receive the 7 archetypes into your chakras, and the Seer’s Rite, where pathways of light connect your visual cortex with your third eye and heart chakra).
  • Start building your own Mesa (medicine bag).

This course can be taken on its own, but it also forms the first direction around the Medicine Wheel
if you want to deepen your connection with your inner mystic, healer and shaman.

Charney Manor Back

26-28th November
Charney Manor, Wantage, Oxfordshire

Course leader: Cissi Williams
Soul Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, NLP Trainer & Cranial Osteopath

15% discount if you book before 31st July

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