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Many people ask: How can I change my life? What is my soul purpose? How can I heal my sadness? How can I connect with my inner joy and peace? How do I know which path is right for me?

I know that your soul has all the answers to these questions, and sometimes it can be helpful to have someone facilitate a process where you can connect more fully with your own soul’s wisdom, so you can find the insights, learnings and resources you need in order to heal. And this is when Transformational Coaching or a Soul Retrieval session can be of assistance.

Both these sessions are similar, in that I will hold a sacred space for you, coaching you, which may seem ‘challenging’, as I may not be agreeing with you. Instead I will be holding up a mirror so you can discover the thought patterns that may not be serving you, but from this you can find your insights and positive learnings. The only difference between these two sessions is that in a Soul Retrieval session I will journey into your unconscious mind to find the original wound, as well as the lost soul part and retrieve your soul’s light and gift back to you, whilst in a coaching session I hold the space for you to do your own journey.

If you are not sure which session would be best for you, I would recommend you book a 2-hour session and then trust me to know what may suit you best (it will become obvious as we start working together).

A session is geared to assist you in connecting with your higher wisdom that can guide you from your fear-based thoughts to the higher thoughts of love. The moment you let love be your guide, you will change the way you look at life, and this change in perception is the miracle that will open the door for you to live a soul-inspired and happy life.


Your session can be through Skype, telephone or in person.

To book a session for Skype or phone
Email: info@soulinspirations.co.uk
Book an appointment Cissi Williams
Book an appointment Soul Inspiration Cissi Williams

“ The hummingbird is the archetype of our soul’s journey, as despite its tiny wings it is able to defy gravity and fly, showing us that we too can do the seemingly impossible.”

”I met Cissi at a time in my life when I was so depressed that I was barely functioning. I had been off sick from work for 7 months and indeed was planning my suicide, gathering together medication in order to end it all. I had tried many things; medication, different types of counselling, nothing worked and I was spiralling downwards.

A friend told me about Cissi and while she was telling me I was thinking to myself what a lot of rot, and how I could not afford to pay for my mortgage let alone treatment. Next day I found on my doormat a cheque for £3,000 from an investment I did not know I had!

I booked to see Cissi, filling in a questionnaire to help her and myself look at my problems. I went of to meet her and immediately felt very comfortable and safe with her. About 5 hours later I went home, already a noticeably different person. There was an activity on in the village hall, which before this I would have given a miss, but off I went and I had a great time, with everyone noticing how different I looked. I went back to Cissi the next day for another marathon. Well all I can say is that I was back at work 3 weeks later. Quite simply I owe Cissi my life. I have seen her many times since and she always helps me to see my life in a positive light. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help, whatever form that it takes. Quite simply I love her and I so respect her knowledge and wisdom.”
Penny Kane

“My mum has continued to deteriorate physically and mentally in the last 2 months. But as a result of doing ‘wacky stuff’ with Cissi in a soul retrieval coaching session, I was able to release an emotional block I had in my relationship with my mum.  I had trouble with anger and resentment and couldn’t physically touch her often. Things changed dramatically. I have been able to operate from a place of peace, love and compassion. I can now go to see her, sit with her, and use oils in massage to calm and help her. This transformation has really been a blessing after the years of therapy and spiritual practice I used to put this right. It means I can spend the last part of her life journey in a loving place.  So I highly recommend doing some ‘wacky stuff’ with Cissi as she works with you with spirit and love.”
Janis Bissett

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cissi over the past 4 months. It has been life changing and has most certainly turned my life upside down for the better. Her work is amazing and full of so much love.

I did the course ‘Live Your Soul Purpose’ as the feeling of being a lost soul had become over powering and a need to find my way in the world was most definitely needed. The course was perfect…very emotional and also great fun. I learnt a lot about the blocks that hold me back in my life and different circumstances that have caused this. Through a series of different meditations and process work, I was able to clear some of these blocks, thanks to receiving gifts to help me on my path and power animals to walk beside me. Using the animals to dance through us was great fun and an expression that I would never have used. The course has helped me make a break-through that has enabled me to continue moving forwards since.

I have continued working through this with further sessions of Soul Retrieval work with Cissi. The whole experience has been magical and my life is starting to sparkle again. I have found a few of my soul parts who now work with me alongside my guides, guardians, angels, power animals and gifts. The meditation techniques are something that is used every day and I can feel myself evolving into the woman that I have always been but never realised.

My confidence has soared and I have found my voice to speak up…something that has held me back for such a long time. I am grateful for the support and work that Cissi does. Filled with so much light and love to shine on the world, her practice is a pure transformation of so many people.”
Diane Maccabe

“I have been seeing Cissi on and off over a number of years. I have had coaching, breakthroughs and soul retrieval sessions. Each interaction has been carried out by Cissi in an environment of complete love, care and trust. Rather than do anything ‘to’ you, Cissi works ‘with’ you – a big distinction that means she allows your inner wisdom to give you the answers… she just facilitates the process. A natural and holistic way to stay emotionally and mentally well, I use her services as my preferred route to inner wellbeing. I would highly recommend Cissi’s services and regularly do!”
Karrin Simpson

“My experience of this spiritual coaching is that it’s incredibly beautiful and deep. Cissi’s transformational soul coaching, with holistic applications of NLP, intuition and presence, goes deeper than anything else I’ve tried – I’ve been working with this type of spiritual coaching for seven years now and I love the combination of heart and mind. Suits me perfectly! I can warmly recommend Cissi and her spiritual coaching. Thank you!”
Jeanette Carleson

“I want to thank you for such wonderful guidance. I was met with respect and honesty, combined with an abundance of happiness and warmth. Even though I didn’t know what to expect from the session, I felt completely safe. The Soul Retrieval session was completely magical. I have created the sacred ’altar’ you suggested, so that when I look at it every day I am reminded…. Thank you!”
Heléne Sandström