Become your own Mystic, Healer & Shaman

Did you know you have an amazing healing potential wired into your DNA, just waiting for you to tap into? All you have to do is tune into the divine intelligence that is present in all of life, and as you do, you become your own mystic, healer and shaman, where your soul can give you the medicine you need for healing.


It sounds nearly too good to be true, but the fact is that we are born with an innate healing mechanism that knows how to heal a broken bone in just six weeks or help the body get over a cold virus in a few days. We have learnt through science that in order to stimulate this physical healing force it helps if we eat nutritious food, get plenty of sleep and make sure our bodies are in good shape as all of this boosts our physical immune system.

What some of us may not realise is that there also exists a spiritual immune system, which has the ability to not only heal our bodies, but also our mind and soul. We stimulate our spiritual immune system when we recognise that we are much more than just a body and become aware of the presence that exists within our heart – a mystical force that connects us with our divine essence. Our heart is the gateway to the spiritual truth of who we are – eternal beings of light and love – and every time we tune into our heart’s wisdom we naturally boost our spiritual immune system, causing us to ignite an inner light that washes away our dark negative thoughts and fear-based beliefs. How? Because light is always stronger than darkness, so when we ignite this inner light, anything that is not in alignment with this light will gently fall away. There is actually nothing you need to do as the healing happens naturally as soon as the light is switched on, however there are steps you can take in order to step into this light on a more regular basis.

 Become your own Mystic Healer Shaman Cissi Williams


“We all have an inner wise guide that
helps us find the learnings we need
in order for us to heal”
“Your inner teacher is pure divine
consciousness, and it is the divine
part of you that remembers the truth
of who you are – a divine being”



The first step in becoming your own mystic, healer and shaman is to make a commitment to step into the light. There are many paths that can help you with this and you have to trust what feels right for you, but what all paths have in common is that they will connect you with the deeper part of you – your soul.


Mystical meditation and prayer
A quick way of connecting with your soul is through the practice of mystical prayer and meditation, which is when you pray and meditate in such a way that you have a direct experience of the divine, so you can feel its presence and experience the insights and messages it is bringing you. These insights can come in the form of visions, thoughts, feelings or just an inner knowing, but there is an undeniable quality to them, which you can feel is different from thoughts being regurgitated by your mind. These insights from the divine can come in a flash, or feel as if they are being downloaded into your consciousness.

Your soul speaks to you all the time, but it may be that you are so busy you can’t hear it. By setting aside sacred time each day for prayer and meditation you show up to your regular, daily meeting with your soul, which makes it easier for you to tune into its guidance. This sacred time will wash you clean from the stresses of everyday life, as your soul’s light will literally cleanse you. You will feel uplifted and refreshed, making it easier for you to show up in the world in the way that is true and authentic to you – as you will naturally let your soul’s light shine through you. Stress and tension block this light from flowing free, whilst when you connect with your soul, you become more open, enabling your soul’s light to flow through you and out into your life, blessing those you meet.


Your Inner Teacher
We all have an inner wise guide that helps us find the learnings we need in order for us to heal. You can see this wise guide as your loving inner teacher who loves you no matter what. Your inner teacher is pure divine consciousness, and it is the divine part of you that remembers the truth of who you are – a divine being. Therefore it never judges you, because it knows that when you are acting out of fear – so whenever you blame, feel anxious or attack – you are not behaving from your true nature. Because in that moment you have forgotten the truth of who you are, and instead you believe you are separate from God, separate from others, causing you to be lost in a nightmare filled with conflict, fear and pain; a nightmare created by the ego; and when we believe the nightmare is real we take actions from this place of fear that may not be the wisest and most loving – wounding ourselves and others. And so the fear is being spread, causing more and more to get wounded – but it is because we are not acting from our true selves.

Your inner teacher knows this, and it has the remedy for restoring you to sanity – restoring you to the truth of who you are. All you have to do is ask for help and willingly surrender to the divine any thought, behaviour or situation you feel ashamed of, angry over, or just not at peace with. In the act of this surrendering your inner teacher will take this ‘negativity’ – this fear-based perception – and start transforming it into love. Sometimes that change in perception happens instantaneously and you feel an immediate energetic shift. Other times it will require that you learn something, so your inner teacher will engage the divine intelligence that is present in the very fabric of the whole universe and bring to you the people, insights and situations you need in order for your perception to be changed. It may come in the form of books, perhaps a healing session or a course you feel drawn to do, or just in a conversation that you overhear that brings to you the understanding you need.


Healing tools
There are many healing tools you can use in order to shift a heavy energy, but one such tool is a simple prayer. If you feel tension arise in a situation, or you notice how you lose your inner balance, pray to the divine and silently say in your mind: ‘Let me choose peace instead of this. Help me see what it is I need to understand, so I can feel peace.’

Whenever I find myself going into a conflict with someone, I quickly say this little prayer to myself, and like a miracle the energy shifts. Immediately. But I have to be willing to change my point of view. I have to be willing to let go of my need to be right, and as I surrender my need to be in control and instead ask for guidance, the divine will rush in and immediately restore me to my natural sanity – which I connect with the moment I allow love to be my guide, instead of fear.


Healing the past
We all make mistakes – that is part of being human. And as we make these mistakes we may hurt ourselves, and others. Others will end up hurting us too when they are acting out of fear. Now this ‘hurt’ is like our own personal invitation from Spirit to go deeper in our healing journey, but we have to be willing to actually look at the pain, take steps to heal it and then let it go.

Why is it then important to look at the hurt? Well, sometimes when the wound is really deep, perhaps because we experience something that is just too much for us to cope with at that time, it is as if we disconnect from a piece of our soul, as if we lose a little bit of our divine light. Of course the soul is never fully lost to us, but our ability to connect with it seems to be, causing us to lose the vitality, life force and soul essence that was linked with this soul part. This can lead to us not feeling whole, as if something is missing, and it can give rise to symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, a feeling of being lost, and in some cases even depression and despair. These symptoms are there as a wake-up call, to make us realise we need to call our fragmented soul parts back to us and heal. When we don’t listen to this wake-up call, our mind can kick in and come up with a variety of coping mechanisms to try and protect us from feeling this inner loss.

In shamanic energy medicine they call this phenomenon ‘soul loss’ as they believe that when we experience a trauma a part of our soul goes down into the belly of Mother Earth (our unconscious mind) where it feels safe. There it remains until we are ready to retrieve it again. Similarly, in ‘A Course in Miracles’ we learn that the soul is forever kept safe in the mind of God. Both these different traditions actually mean the same thing – that our soul is forever whole – but we can disconnect from it, causing us to become wounded, and then it is our wounded self that tries to get on with living life here in this physical reality.

Our inner teacher knows what is happening and wants us to heal, so it will draw to us people, situations and circumstances that mirror the original wound so we get a chance to learn from it – and make a different choice. This time we can choose love, instead of fear. The moment we make that choice, we heal and we connect again with our soul, because that is what our soul is – love.

By going through this healing journey, you learn to become your own mystic, healer and shaman, where your soul is able to give you the medicine you need for healing.


Want to become your own Mystic, Healer and Shaman?
Cissi Williams runs courses that take you on a healing journey where you experience your own mystical connection with Spirit, learn shamanic healing techniques and connect more deeply with your soul’s wisdom. You can also train to become a Certified Soul Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

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